Friday, June 06, 2008

Partners and Communities Together meeting

Would you like to actively engage with local agencies, police and residents with initiatives to promote Safer Stronger Neighbourhoods within Walcot?

Tuesday 17th June, 6.30pm
Riverside Youth and Community Centre, London Road

Tuesday 17th June 2008 will mark the third in a planned series of PACT meetings for the Walcot area, PACT meetings are designed to bring members of the community together with local police teams and key representatives of various organisations to decide on priorities in the local area.

PACT meetings are about giving members of the community a direct say on what they would like their local neighbourhood team to focus on and, equally, getting them on board to help us deliver the results.

The PACT Panel for Walcot will include elected councillors, representatives from BANES Council, Education, Housing, Youth Services along with Walcots Neighbourhood Policing Team.

Current PACT Priorities are:
- Parking on pavements around the Walcot ward in particular outside of Multiyork, Longacre Public House, Cleveland Bridge and the top of Snowhill.
- 2 and 3 Longacre: it is still being proposed to convert the buildings into managed homes, residents are against this.
- Pollution: Nitrogen Dioxide pollution is higher than the government targets, more time, work and funding is required in an effort to combat this.