Thursday, September 22, 2005

Friends of Kensington Meadows

The first meeting of the Friends of Kensington Meadows took place on Saturday 24th September.

An excellent afternoon was had by all who attended the first meeting and activities of the Friends fo Kensington Meadows.

We started opening up a pathway within the Local Nature Reserve section so there can be a circular walk and we have two further sessions with BTCV available for Kensington Meadows so we can continue with it then. If the pathway is used and turns out to be wanted by users, we can get wood/bark chippings from the Parks department to lay over the cleared pathway as a mid-term surface and consider more a permanent surface for the future (something a new group could fundraise for - though improving entrances, litter bin at Morrison's and benches/picnic tables will be other items people are keen on). We were also litter picking, green waste clearance - where grass cuttings and other green waste have started to accumulate at either end - and had a guided walk by and ecology officer.

Deborah Jones has taken away ideas from the day and it is hoped that further events will take place on the meadows.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Highways Issues in Walcot

Arundel Road
Highways Officers are currently drawing up plans to introduce Double Yellow Lines opposite the garages on Arundel Road in order to make life easier and safer for those using the garages and pulling out of their driveways opposite.

Frankley Buildings
I have noted and reported the potholes on this very steep slope.

Residents’ Parking Scheme – Bathwick
Thank you to all residents who have contributed during the recent consultations. These plans are currently with the Council’s legal department who will issue a Traffic Regulation Order for the scheme. I have the details as a .pdf file if anyone would like it sent to them.

Thomas Street and Pera Road Area
Plans have been drawn up to introduced parking restrictions along Pera Road, Pera Place and at the top of Gays Hills to assist with access to these areas. We are still awaiting responses for Residents Parking Plans for which a questionnaire went to all houses last month. Ecehelon Parking may not work on Thomas Street as in order to mark out bays the Council has to give 2.8m x 5m per bay. There is not a problem if residents would like to set up an informal arrangement on Thomas Street to echelon park. I would recommend that this is on the west side of the street. Still trying to get funding to resurface Thomas Street.

Snow Hill
Plans are being tweaked to include new parking restriction which were drawn up in consultation with Somer Housing and local residents. We will also be looking at parking restrictions at the junction of Snow Hill with Kensington Gardens to improve access and visibility.

Chilton Road
Chilton Road is due to be resurfaced in October. This road has been in a particularly bad state for many years and this resurfacing is long overdue.