Monday, April 03, 2006

Rooting for Tree Lined Avenues to be Restored

A Campaign is under way to reintroduce tree-lined avenues in Bathwick. There are now gaps in the trees that line many of the streets in the area. It is thought that 27 trees are missing on the Bathwick Estate, with Powlett Road and Forrester Roads suffering along with Forrester Avenue, where there are 12 trees missing.
It is believed that many of the trees have been removed over the years, either during maintenance work or after being hit by cars. Cllr David Dixon, who represents Walcot ward on Bath and North East Somerset Council, said he was keen to see work take place."It is quite important to maintain these trees," he said. "I have asked the council what is going to happen and we are working to get them replaced."I am hoping for some good news on it later in the week. The trees make up the street scene and make it a nicer place to be."The Bathwick Estates Residents' Association has also welcomed any possible move forward."We have been trying for a few years to get these trees replaced," said a spokeswoman."Everyone in the area wants them replaced. They make it look much nicer and softer."Some of them are quite sizeable and the ones that have been replaced have been replaced with modern trees which cost less to maintain."If something is to be decided soon that would be great."

Snow Hill - Condensation and Mould

The tragic death of a Snow Hill resident in January has prompted local councillors to launch an investigation into how another tragedy can be avoided. Cllrs David Dixon and Colin Darracott, who both represent the Walcot ward, arranged a meeting with Somer Housing Group to look at the properties like the one that 24-year-old Laura Smith was staying in when she died.The Snow Hill resident's family were devastated to learn their asthmatic relation died in a flat riddled with damp.The young woman had been moved into the flat in November, and had complained to her family about the dampness in her flat.Cllr Dixon said Somer provided leaflets about what residents should do, and said there was help at hand if people contacted the housing association.He urged anybody experiencing problems to talk to Somer, or to contact him.