Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bright ideas...

Sometimes you plan something out as well as you can and think it's all going to be fine, but it's not until it comes to implementing it that you realise just how daft something is in practice.

Take this superb example where I am sure that the lighting engineer did everything right in the way of getting the new lighting up Claremont Road and Eastbourne Avenue techically in the correct positions, but surely while the contractor is putting it in something must think that something isn't quite right...
I know that the picture isn't great as this was taken at night but what you can see is the new lighting column tucks nicely away into a large sycamore tree, meaning that the lamp which will end up on top of it will be totally ineffective.

When I get a daylight image I will put it up.

I await a response from the street lighting team as to how to solve this one... D