Friday, June 19, 2009

Felled Trees Leaves Councillors Stumped and Residents Fuming

Residents were left fuming as 11 trees in the Snow Hill Estate disappeared with no notice whatsoever.

The trees, which offered shelter for wildlife and security for residents of Thomas Street and Snow Hill were felled by landscape contractors working on behalf of Somer Community Housing.

Somer have since apologised and have agreed to replace with 11 new trees in suitable locations and of suitable type in the Autumn. This has also been registered as a Partners and Communities Together (PACT) priority.

Cllr David Dixon said, “I was astonished to find out that this took place with no discussion with neighbouring residents or local Councillors. I have asked that work takes place to see that this scale of tree removal does not happen without full discussion again. Somer have agreed to this. We still have a security concern for a number of residents which Somer must resolve. This is a conservation area and a sensitive location within it. More than the bear minimum must be done.”