Saturday, November 21, 2009

Resident's Parking News

The Council has now published the Traffic Regulation Orders to implement a Controlled Parking Zone which will affect the following roads in Walcot:

Margaret's Hill
Pera Road
Pera Place
Thomas Street
Clarence Street
Seymour Road
Belgrave Cresecent
Camdem Road (from Lansdown Road to Claremont Shops)

In short the plan is to introduce a controlled parking zone which will operate from 8am to 8pm Monday to Saturday.

A map of the proposals can be found here.

This map is quite large. Once it opens up you can change the zoom level 100% and then scroll around the map looking at the detail.

Any responses must be with the council by 17th December 2009 so please write or e-mail all your responses BANES before then, whether for or against. As Dorothy Miley, the council officer responsible for the scheme, said you can object to parts of the scheme while approving others. The council is legally obliged to consider your comment and officers are normally very reluctant to proceed unless there is a clear majority.

Write to at the address below quoting the reference of the traffic order you are responding to (the references are given in the list of traffic orders below.

You can include more than one reference in the same letter. For all four quote PEV5942/DM, PEV/5943/DM, PEV5944/DM
& PEV5945/DM.

Traffic and Safety Team
Parking Services,
Temple Street,
BS31 1LA
e-mail council on residents parking

The traffic orders can be found as follows:

  • CPZ 15 (Camden and nearby roads) is here, Ref. PEV5942/DM
  • The equivalent note for the Alpine Gardens zone, CPZ 16, is here. Ref. PEV5944/DM
  • Changes to parking on Upper Hedgemead Road are here Ref. PEV5945/DM
  • The traffic order with the details of the proposed one way system around
    Gays Hill is here. Ref. PEV/5943/DM

Further information on how the council operate residents' parking can be found on the BANES website here.

A special thanks goes to The Camdem Resident's Association for hosting maps and documents on their website ,which has saved me hours of time publishing this story. - DAVE