Monday, April 03, 2006

Snow Hill - Condensation and Mould

The tragic death of a Snow Hill resident in January has prompted local councillors to launch an investigation into how another tragedy can be avoided. Cllrs David Dixon and Colin Darracott, who both represent the Walcot ward, arranged a meeting with Somer Housing Group to look at the properties like the one that 24-year-old Laura Smith was staying in when she died.The Snow Hill resident's family were devastated to learn their asthmatic relation died in a flat riddled with damp.The young woman had been moved into the flat in November, and had complained to her family about the dampness in her flat.Cllr Dixon said Somer provided leaflets about what residents should do, and said there was help at hand if people contacted the housing association.He urged anybody experiencing problems to talk to Somer, or to contact him.