Thursday, September 22, 2005

Friends of Kensington Meadows

The first meeting of the Friends of Kensington Meadows took place on Saturday 24th September.

An excellent afternoon was had by all who attended the first meeting and activities of the Friends fo Kensington Meadows.

We started opening up a pathway within the Local Nature Reserve section so there can be a circular walk and we have two further sessions with BTCV available for Kensington Meadows so we can continue with it then. If the pathway is used and turns out to be wanted by users, we can get wood/bark chippings from the Parks department to lay over the cleared pathway as a mid-term surface and consider more a permanent surface for the future (something a new group could fundraise for - though improving entrances, litter bin at Morrison's and benches/picnic tables will be other items people are keen on). We were also litter picking, green waste clearance - where grass cuttings and other green waste have started to accumulate at either end - and had a guided walk by and ecology officer.

Deborah Jones has taken away ideas from the day and it is hoped that further events will take place on the meadows.