Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Lambridge Park and Ride

Planning approval has now been granted for the controversal Park and Ride on Lambridge Training Ground.

The development has seen overwhelming opposition from local residents and local councillors a like. It is too close to local residents houses, too close to the city centre, to be located in an already congested are which will only exacerbate the problems and is too small and too expensive to have any impact.

Campaigners fighting plans for a new park and ride on the edge of Bath are stepping up their efforts after discovering it has doubled in cost. The original bill for the long-awaited Lambridge park and ride was £2.9m - but the council project will now cost £6.6m.

Opponents say this means each of the new parking spaces at what is now Bath Rugby's training ground will cost £12,000.

Many local residents say the scheme, which will create 800 parking spaces, is in the wrong place and will aggravate rather than solve congestion and pollution.

Local councillor David Dixon (Lib Dem, Walcot) said: "It seems to be a very expensive way to park cars."

The cost is made up of £4.2m for preparation and construction of the site, where a major flood prevention project is needed, and £1.3m for the relocation of the Bath Rugby facilities to Bathampton Meadows.

Some parking spaces will be lost from the city centre once the scheme is completed.