Monday, November 14, 2005

New Lighting for the London Road

A scheme to provide new and improved lighting for the London Road has been drawn up and will be going out for consultation shortly.

The section of the London Road from Kensington Place to Lambridge is due to have street lights replaced. The new scheme has been designed to the new European Code for lighting and the opportunity taken to use a "white light" source. This will enable colours to be rendered at night which the current lighting does not do and will also make facial recognition much easier.

Cllr David Dixon welcomed the scheme stating, "The proposed scheme will contribute to a greater sense of well being at night, particularly when out walking. I am pleased that the proposed laterns are similar to those already installed in Cleveland Place and along the London Road as far as Kensington Place, the intention being to continue the style all along this route into the City."

The lanterns, being of a more modern design than the present fittings will provide better optical control in order to direct light onto the road and pavement and keep waste light output to a minimum.

Cllr Dixon has asked that officers send out a consultation document to residents, and would appreciate any feedback through or emailing