Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Loading Bay on the London Road

The decision to create a lorry loading bay outside of Walcot Terrace on the London Road have been met with stiff opposition. The bay sees part of the pavement and a section of cycle lane removed to make way for a convenient “Pull in” for lorries.

Liberal Democrat Councillor David Dixon has said, “My main concern is that the loading bay does not warrant spending any money on it when there are other things we should be spending money on. Thomas Street, just opposite is crying out to be resurfaced, but they are not doing anything about that.”

This decision was by the Conservatives who stated at a meeting to review the decision led by Cllr Dixon that this loading bay would be the first of many across the city.

This loading bay would make it possible for a 44 tonne lorry to come and park on resident’s vaults, some of which are their kitchens and bathrooms.

This will only make life easier for the through traffic on the London Road and sacrifices a dedicated cycle lane and valuable footway outside of a listed terrace.