Monday, July 21, 2008

Youth Volunteering Scheme on the horizon

Councillor David Dixon is working on a scheme for young people in Walcot to earn rewards such as trips away, go karting and paint balling.

Cllr Dixon said, "Last month we took a group of young people go karting, which was very successful and resulted in organisations across the area agreeing that a scheme should be set up to get young people to positively contribute to their local area and in reward we will organise free activities for them. It is hope to get support from the local police, council and other local organisations to get the scheme off the ground."

The model will be focussed around Timebank, whereby people give some time and in return receive time back from other people, in this case they will get time back in the way of incentives.

It is hoped to get young people involved initially in improving their local environment and through small scale time committments.

The scheme will be based from the Riverside Youth Centre and Councillor David Dixon is currently looking for funding opportunities to see this through.