Friday, August 01, 2008

Victory over Lambridge Park and Ride

Bath Liberal Democrats have given a cautious welcome to the Council’s change of heart on the Lambridge Park and Ride. This follows the announcement that the preferred site for the east of Bath park and ride will be Mill Lane.

However, they have urged the Council to use this proposed change to the Bath Transport Package to also reconsider the route of the Bus Rapid Transit scheme.

Bath MP, Don Foster commented:
“I have always opposed the Lambridge Park and Ride scheme. It would have cost a fortune, done nothing to reduce congestion and pollution on the London Road and would, in effect, be a city centre car park. I’m delighted the Council has been prepared to think again.”

Cllr David Dixon (Walcot) added:
“After 20 years of discussions and consultation – and after the previous Conservative member in charge of transport wasted 4 of those years trying to force through an ill thought out scheme at Lambridge – I am pleased that the current Cabinet member has seen the light. Mill Lane will provide more spaces and really will have an impact to the traffic which clogs up the London Road.

“This change of heart is a victory for local residents in Lambridge and London Road who have consistently opposed the Lambridge site – were it not for their opposition, the Lambridge park and ride would have already been built.”

Councillor Caroline Roberts (Newbridge) said:
“Until this announcement, the Cabinet had been taking the line that no changes were possible to the Bath Transport Package or the Council risked being sent to the ‘back of the queue’ for funding.

“Now the Executive has decided it’s possible to change one end of the route, let’s hope they will now turn their attention to the other end. Surely the huge outcry about the proposed route of the western end of the Bus Rapid Transit scheme, deserves as much of the council’s attention as the outcry about the Lambridge Park and Ride.”

Cllr Loraine Brinkhurst (Newbridge) added,
“The proposed BRT route costs a fortune to save just a few minutes travel time. If the council wants better value for money, then they should also think again about this route.”