Monday, August 22, 2005

New Pedestrian Access Point to Kensington Meadows

The Council has been approached by a regular user of the Meadows requesting the installation of a pedestrian access onto the open space immediately adjacent to the vehicle access gates at the end of one particular cul-de-sac in Ringswell Gardens.

As you will probably be aware, there is currently pedestrian access at each end of the Meadows but this involves those living close to the central area of the Meadows having to make a detour to gain access. These points coupled with the fact that we have to make regular repairs to the fencing has led me to send this letter to all residents living in the cul de sac asking for a response on whether you would welcome the installation of such an access or not. The access would take the form of a self closing kissing gate which allows a pedestrian to pass through but prevents access by vehicles and motorcycles.

Residents of 163 - 191 Ringswell Gardens will shortly receive a letter from the Council's Parks department asking of they have any objection to the proposal.