Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Thomas Street Parking Solution

UPDATE - 02.08.05 A scheme has been drawn up for residents parking and will go out for consultation from Council Officers shortly. However, it appears that spaces would be lost if echeleon were introduced on Thomas Street as it is felt that parking in this formet would only be viable on one side of the road in order to leave room for turning out of parking bays. I would really appreciate resident's comments on this. - DD

Councillor David Dixon and Colin Darracott have met with officers on site at Thomas Street and Clarence Street to look at how to improve the roads around these areas. Councillor David Dixon said, “There have been issues surrounding these roads for years. In particular they have been under funded and poorly maintained for years and it is time that this is addressed.”
These roads suffer from a high level of homes with multiple occupancy, parking from commuters working within the city centre and on Thomas Street many vehicles not realising that it is not a through route.
Following the meeting with councillors and officers the following wheels are in motion and improvements should be seen soon.

A proposal is currently being drawn up which will investigate echelon parking in the left hand side (facing upwards) of Thomas Street – this should make it impossible to double park and hopefully create up to 6 more parking spaces.
Investigating the possibility of introducing a parking restriction on Pera Road.
Consultation with residents on extending residents parking scheme into this area.
An additional “No Through Road” sign will be added to the sign at the bottom of Thomas Street on the right hand side (facing upwards).

Alongside all of this your local Liberal Democrat Councillors have also pledged to make it a priority to seek funding to have Thomas Street and the roads surrounding it resurfaced. Colin and David would really like to know you views on this and encourage residents to contact them on 01225 462590 or by email on