Monday, August 07, 2006

Parking Survey for Thomas Street and near by areas

Due to the increased number of enquiries about residents’ parking, Councillor David Dixon and Colin Darracott, along with local residents are consulting again about the possible introduction of a Controlled Parking Zone (commonly referred to as residents’ parking) for the Thomas Street and surrounding areas. Residents are being urged to return their survey when they receive them.

The outcome of the last survey, undertaken in 2005, of the 62 returned questionnaires, the majority indicated that difficulties in parking occurred during the evenings and weekends (67.7% and 62.9% respectively) as detailed below:-

· 48.4% indicated it was difficult to park sometimes

· 45.2% thought residents parking was appropriate

· 38.7% considered it would not be appropriate

· 58.1% would like further investigations into the introduction of residents parking.

Since this survey we have seen the following:

  • Recent introduction of a Controlled Parking Zone in the Bathwick Estate
  • About to see new parking restrictions in Pera Road and Thomas Street (introduced to facilitate access for emergency vehicles)
  • Camden Road Area Residents Association have consulted and residents have voted FOR a Controlled Parking Scheme.

Some facts about Controlled Parking Zones

Hours of operation

Schemes operate between 8am and 6pm Monday to Saturday.


Currently the cost is £50 for the first car, and £75 for a second car.

Visitor permits of the old paper type (£5 for a book of 25) are each valid

for one day. People over 60 can receive up to 200 permits per household, those under 60 just 100 maximum per household. Under the new electronic scheme, visitor permits will be £5 for 250 hours, with up to a maximum of 1000 hours per annum (2000 hours per household for those over 60). The advantage of the electronic system is that if the visitor only stays 1 hour, only 1 hour is used up on the permit. With the old paper permit, using it for 1 hour would use it all up for the whole day. Under the new scheme, old-style paper visitors permits will still be available for those who prefer it. To qualify for a visitors permit, you do not have to have purchased a permit, all you have to be is a resident of the zone.

These fees cover initial set up costs, administration and to pay for Parking Attendants to patrol the areas in order to enforce the scheme. Controlled Parking Zones will not be introduced for free, and it is useful to note that it is illegal to set up schemes which aim to make a profit. Bath and North East Somerset’s policy is that controlled parking zone schemes should be self financing.


This scheme does not guarantee a parking space. It is applicable to residents and businesses within the zone only and is limited to a maximum of two cars per household. Certain users or organisations (such as Carers) can apply to the Council for special permits.

1. Do you support or object to the introduction of a Controlled Parking Zone within this area?



No opinion

id pl

2. How difficult is it to park in your street?:


A little

Not difficult

3. How many vehicles does your household have?






4. Do you have any off street parking, for example garage or driveway?



5. Do you run a business from home and need limited waiting to cater for visitors to your business?



id pl

6. Are you living in a property of multiple occupancy?



id pl

If yes how many people live in this property? ­­­­_______

If there is sufficient support for a Controlled Parking Zone, Councillor David Dixon will make a request to Bath & North East Somerset Council for this to be implemented.