Sunday, January 07, 2007

Resident's Parking Thomas Street and environs

Over 100 households have now responded to the Resident's Parking Survey.

In Thomas Street 94% of respondents support a scheme

In Clarence Street 58% of respondents support a scheme

In Pera Road and Pera Place 78% of respondents support a scheme

In Seymour Road 65% of respondents objected to a scheme

Local residents sent out a newsletter stating that I would be asked to put forward a scheme excluding Seymour Road, however since this we have received a number of letters and a petition asking for Seymour Road to be included.

Therefore I have asked Parking Officers to look at introducing a scheme including Seymour Road and the whole area from Camden Road (who consulted through the Camden Road Resident's Association with string support) down to the London Road.

I will look at organsing a public meeting with Parking Officers attending to help answer any questions.

There are still a number of steps.

The Council need to advertise a Traffic Regulation Order detailing the scheme, this must be advertised for formal responses for 28 days.

The Executive Member for Transport - current the Cllr Sir Elgar Jenkins, but very likely to change after May local elections, then receives a report which they must agree to implement a scheme or not.

If agree scheme needs to be implemented, probably not likely until after May 2007.

I will continue to move this forward as fast as can be but it is worth local residents also putting their feelings in writing to