Monday, March 05, 2007

Kensington Gardens Park

The small park at Kensington Gardens has had a revamp thanks to the efforts of local residents working closely with the Council’s Park’s Department.

In the initial consultations a number of residents had concerns over the proposed loss of the handrail. Local Lib Dem Councillor David Dixon, sought reassurances from the Council that a handrail would be installed. Unfortunately as many would have noticed this took a while longer than anticipated but Cllr Dixon is happy to report that the handrail is now in place.

On inspecting the handrail Cllr Dixon said, “I am really pleased that this scheme got off the ground, I have to thank local residents and the London Road and Snow Hill Partnership for moving this project forward. I am pleased to see the new handrail finally in place as it provides invaluable assistance to people who need it. I have been asked if we can reinstall a separate dog bin at this location and I do my best to get this back into place”.

The Council’s parks department have also agreed to improve maintenance of the park to ensure that it stays in good condition.