Friday, April 23, 2010

Black Cat moves into Porter Butt

I visited The Porter Butt this evening and met with Dave from the Black Cat - who are the organisation currently squatting.

Talking to them they didn't know of the future plans for the building so I updated them and said that their squatting may delay things further.

They said that they don't really want to delay things but would like to somehow stay until Richers are ready to start works.

I have passed their contact details onto Richers and I hope that things can be resolved without long and costly court battles etc.

They do run a blog if you want to know more

It's an interesting one as in principle I do support what The Black Cat are trying to deliver. I am hoping that the Council might open up dialogue with a view to finding them a proper home so that they do not have to keep on squatting in empty properties.