Monday, April 19, 2010

Liberal Democrat Manifesto Available to Download

We have had such a warm welcome on the doorstep while out canvassing, so thank you to all those we have met.
Many have asked for a copy of our manifesto, our printed manifesto is quite a chuncky document, so here is the link to it and below a quick summary,

a fair chance
for every child
• Ensure children get the individual attention they need by
cutting class sizes
• Made possible by investing £2.5 billion in schools targeted
to help struggling pupils
• Give schools the freedom to make the right choices for
their pupils

fair taxes
that put money back in your pocket
• The first £10,000 you earn tax-free: a tax cut of £700 for
most people
• 3.6 million low earners and pensioners freed from income
tax completely
• Paid for in full by closing loopholes that unfairly benefi t
the wealthy and polluters

a fair future
creating jobs by making Britain greener
• Break up the banks and get them lending again to protect
real businesses
• Honesty about the tough choices needed to cut the defi cit
• Green growth and jobs that last by investing in infrastructure

a fair deal
by cleaning up politics
• Put trust back into politics by giving you the right to sack
corrupt MPs
• Restore and protect hard-won British civil liberties with a
Freedom Bill
• Overhaul Westminster completely: fair votes, an elected
House of Lords, all politicians to pay full British taxes