Monday, December 04, 2006

Rooting for Tree Lined Avenues to be Restored (UPDATE)

The Council has now agreed to plant 6 more trees in the Bathwick Estate following pressure from Local Liberal Democrat Councillor David Dixon.

The 6 trees will be planted over the winter period and it is hoped that 6 more can be planted next year too.

Over 27 trees were noted to be missing earlier in the year and ater discovering that there was no budget in the Council to replace these, the Conservatives in charge of Transport passed the responsinbility for this to the Lib Dem controlled Parks Department and one of the Council's tree officers has worked with residents in the Bathwick Estate to locate missing trees.

Cllr Dixon said, "I am so pleased that we are able to get some more trees planted in this area, and I hope that we can continue to get more."