Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Safer Roads for Snow Hill

In 2003 the Snow Hill Consultation focussed on a range of issues which the community wanted solutions to.

Some have already been delivered such as a new community facility at the Dover House Laundry and through working with Somer Housing local Councillors David Dixon and Colin Darracott are pleased that Centre Track was formed.

We have also seen electric key charging facilities at London Road Stores and new play equipment at the two play areas.

Local Liberal Democrat Councillors can also now confirm that improvements to the parking and roads at Snow Hill are also on the way.

After concerns raised by local residents Councillors Darracott and Dixon worked with Somer Housing to consult on a new crossing for Snow Hill and for a solution to slowing down traffic in order to make the area safer for all.

The plans are to change over the sides of the road that vehicles can park on and making the turn out of Saffron Court safer by moving the junction forward a little.

Cllr Colin Darracott said “I am really looking forward to these improvements going in soon. It will help to make sure that traffic is slowed down and that it is safer for young people to cross from one side of the road to the other.”