Monday, December 04, 2006

Sydney Gardens Traffic

Colin Darracott and David Dixon met with residents fro the Bathwick Estate this morning to look at issues surrounding the recently new traffic system at Sydney Gardens.

Problems still being faced include:

Issue tring to cross safely for pedestrians - the unnecessarily complex junction makes it difficult for pedestrians to cross smoothly, inparticular from the nirthern side of Beckford Road to the eastern side of Bathick Street as the system only allows you to cross one segment at a time - frustrated pedestrians are either taking 3 to 4 minutes to cross or simply go when they see it is clear - without knowing sometimes which direction traffic might next be coming from.

Poor drainage especially in the recent wet weather is also causing issues and in cases the actual crossing is blocked by rather large puddles.

Vehicles are still blocking the marked out crossings - this is particularly bad when it is a lorry which blocks the view completely.

The proposal which we will put forward is that some improvements in this area should continue to take place and that the half completed crossing on Beckford Road should be finished.