Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Croft Road and Eastbourne Avenue

Traffic on Eastbourne Avenue

One local resident recalled that at one point, Eastbourne Avenue may have had a weight restriction, which seems to have disappeared. We will be making enquiries as to where this has gone and whether we can get it back. The only onward route for lorries would be up through Fairfield Road or to Lansdown Road, which has a 7.5t weight limit, so they should not be using that. The only other route that they could be taking is Tyning Lane and Snow Hill.

We will ask that traffic on Eastbourne Avenue and indeed along the length of Camden Road is reviewed as it seems as though the current situation will not do. If re-elected we will consult as to possible solutions.

Recycling Bins

A number of local residents have raised concern over how recycling bins are being placed back after emptied by operatives. Once emptied they should be placed back at the edge of your property as it was found. We will raise this concern with waste services and ask that this is done. We agree that it is not good enough for them to be left anywhere else.

Southbourne Gardens Allotments Land

Through the good work of residents and with the support of Cllr Colin Darracott, we have seen the appeal narrowly fought off. We are now working with Council Officers to work up a compulsory purchase order for the land, so that we may bring this back into community usage. This would be the first CPO of it’s kind for the Council and it is hoped that if we can succeed on this that we can look at safeguarding more sites across the city.

Full marks to the efforts of Claremont Resident’s Association!