Thursday, April 26, 2007

Every Vote Counts

We have had a great reception while out and about knocking doors in Walcot.

Residents have told us just how much they appreciate the hard work and committment that Colin and I have shown the ward over the past 4 years in Walcot.

As always the election in Walcot will be close between us the the Tories and every vote for Colin and I will count.

People are telling us that they are voting Lib Dem because of our local record of acheivement. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Riverside Youth and Community Centre
    Investment of £130k, the new access road is on the way in a couple of months and we and the Youth Club back up and running there, along with a new recording studio for youth people and soon we hope to have a canoeing club.
  • Kensington Meadows
    The Liberal Democrats funded a Countryside Management Officer to bring the communtity together the set up a Friends Group for the Meadows, we now have regular activity and we worked with young people to apply for funding for goalposts, which are now in place and a free coaching session will take place in June.
  • Snow Hill
    Working with Somer Housing we have two new play areas, a new community resource centre at the old Dover House laundry, a new road layout and crossing as a reult of consultation with local residents in 2003.
  • Bathwick Estate
    New trees for the area which replace those which have been removed over time, we hope to have more soon. Cleveland Pools has not been sold off to a private developer and we are working with an active Trust Group to look at how we can bring them back into public use while respecting the views nd needs of local residents.
  • Sydney Gardens
    We are now working with te Sydeny Gardens Residents' Association to bring into action a plan for improvement. We will next be looking at applying for funding to replace dated play equipment. Working with the police to step up patrols to reduce anti social behaviour.
  • Southbourne Gardens Allotments
    Colin has worked very closely with residents groups to help fight off a planning appliaction here for 12 houses. We have officers working on a plan to compulsary purchase this land and hand over to the residents to use a allotment land and open space.
  • Parking
    Working with residents from Camden down to the London Road we are close to having a workshop led by the hoghways department to look at the advantages of a scheme in this area.

These are just some of the highlights add in to this over 600 individual pieces of casework for local residents, including having potholes and roads repaired, helping residents through the Council's planning system, general enquiries, litter and street sweeping issues and helping get backlanes cleared. We believe that we have a good news story to give in every part of the ward.