Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Midsummer Buildings and Hampton View - Footpaths, dog mess and rat running!

Over the past 4 years of the Conservative rule over our highways - including footpaths we have seen more and more deterioration of the footpaths.
We will be asking the highways department for more attention to be paid to the footpaths around Hampton View, Midsummer Buildings and Croft Road.

I think that the picture here sums it all up quite well. 21st century footpaths and roads? More like a 18th century dirt track. The Romans did a better job than this!
We have asked that seperate dog bins are installed near children's play areas for dog mess.
Hampton View - Rat running.
Hampton View has been the subject of rat running recently as traffic head down it to use the lane at the bottom. Why anyone would choose to use such a poor conditioned lane is beyond us, but there we go. We are awaiting advice from Council Officers as to what we can do here, as it is not public land it makes things a little more difficult, plus we have to bear in mind that local residents do need to use it too. We hope to have some ideas soon on this.