Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tory Lies

When it comes to politics sometimes I will admit that things can be dressed up and made to sound better or worse - personally I try to call a spade a spade and tell it how it is.

What infuriates me though are outright lies. A resident today thought that the Council were going to move to fortnighty refuse collections. This, it appears as stemmed from Tory literature recently sent out which objects to Lib Dem and Labour plans for fortnightly waste collections.

The Liberal Democrats have no plans to move to fortnightly refuse collections and to say that we have such plans is on outright lie. In fact quite the opposite is true and we would like to see the introduction of same day collection for all waste, recycling and garden waste, cardboard collections.

I knew that the Tories are keen to take control of the Council, but through such blatant misuse of the truth, keen seems to have moved up a notch to desperate.