Monday, April 16, 2007

Trash-Off Kensington Meadows – Litter Pick Sunday 15 April

Eleven volunteers came out in the morning sun to help launch Friends of Kensington Meadows’ and London Road & Snow Hill Partnership’s programme of 2007 litter picks on Sunday 15 April. You see nine of us in the picture. Janice and Chris joined later.

Our litter picks are part of CSV’s Action Earth 2007 campaign and featured on CSV’s website We will receive a grant from CSV (Community Service Volunteers) for materials, which should enable us to continue keeping the Meadows clean, especially with such excellent support from the community.

Action Earth 2007 is also supported by Morrison’s Supermarket, which happens to be next door to the Meadows.

We recycled six bags of glass bottles and aluminium cans in Morrison’s recycling centre, and bagged up around 20 other bags of general rubbish. Morrison’s supplied many of the bags and took some for disposal. Most were left at the Kensington Place and Grosvenor Bridge entrances to the Meadows for the Council to pick up.

Now the Meadows look a lot better and we’d like to ask people to keep them clean. Take litter to the nearest bin and dump it there, not on the grass or in the bushes. And dog owners, please use those dog pooh bins!

Photo caption: Sun and fun tackling the trash for Action Earth 2007 – from left to right: Keith, mystery man, Diane, Paul, Cllr David Dixon, Frank, Liz, Susan, Richard.